Pillow Talk

Lately, I have been feeling the need to completely overhaul my bedroom design. Because I spend most of my time either working from or hanging out in the living room, my bedroom has always been a bit of an afterthought. Well... not anymore. I am excited to share my design boards and before + after shots with you soon, but for now. It's time to collect inspiration!

It is SO vital to make your bedroom a clean, organized, well-designed sanctuary. Think about it... it is the place where you both start and end your day and thus, should be a reflection of your ideal mental state. What do you want your bedroom to accomplish for you? Relaxation and rejuvenation? Mental de-cluttering? Inspiration and creativity? Mine pretty much just reminds me that I should be doing laundry like, way more regularly...

Here are my top 5 bedrooms this week! Hope they inspire you as much as they've inspired me.

Best All-Around Design


I absolutely LOVE all of Amber Interiors' designs, so it comes as no surprise to me that I LOVE this bedroom. I am really into the crisp white walls and ceiling-mounted window treatments and love how they provide such a clean background to the rich walnut nightstands and fun pops of color in the rug and textiles. LOVE. WANT.

Best Use of Contrast


I have totally been eyeing this room for a while. It always seems to pop up on my Pinterest feed, and for good reason. I love the architecture and sparsity of this room. I love it's casual, simplistic beauty. Most of all, I love the use of dark woods and the contrast it provides to the crisp white walls, rug, and bedding.

Best Styling


Okay, I am not usually one for a maple wood. Or a light pink/black combo for that matter. But I have to say, this is a pretty beautiful space. I love the styling - the hanging planters, the mix of textures, the gorgeous bench with pretty books at the foot of the bed... this is a magazine-worthy, well-balanced space. 

Best Use of Color


DROOL. I LOVE this bedroom (by Sarah Sherman). I totally dig the green bed with the gorgeous rosy rug. Since red and green are opposite each other on the color wheel, they are considered complimentary colors. Sherman plays this so well, and the design looks anything but Christmas-y. Throw a dip dyed curtain (which picks up accent colors from the rug), a bright yellow light fixture, and brass accents in the mix, and you have a totally gorge bedroom! The black and white artwork provides an interesting and welcomed contrast to all the color, too.

Best "Wait, why do I like this SO much?" Design


I think this may be the coolest bedroom I have seen in a while. The bed is a hand-painted, DIY Ikea hack. The art looks totally thrifted and collected. The mid-century walnut nightstands pair perfectly with the blue and gold. And the cactus... how?! This is just too cool. I don't think I could pull it off, but I really like the fact that someone out there can. Cheers to you.

Since the bedroom is usually separated from living spaces, there is room (see what I did there?) to put a little more personality into it. I think your room should be colorful, creative, inspiring and ever-evolving. It is not for anyone else, it is for you. Make it exactly how you want it. What bedroom trends are you into lately??