Monday Moodboard: Wedding Vibes

I have been engaged for nearly a year (ummm... side note, how did that happen?!), and I am finally getting around to all the fun stuff wedding planning has to offer! We took a really long time to find our venue. Like almost a year, long. I requested venue quotes from 200 places (or maybe 50, but that's a lot of inbox clutter, regardless). We searched all over the state and even thought about saying "forget it, let's go to Mexico next weekend!" But the search was well worth it, because we found THE most perfect place and could not be more excited! 

Our venue is a private estate in Palm Springs - super lush, lots of palm trees, a few pools, a gorgeous old door (more to come on tomorrow's post!) and an old Adobe home that is on the National historic register. The architecture nerd in me is really geekin' over this place, you guys. But mostly it is just SO beautiful. The perfect background for what is going to be the biggest/most stressy/most rewarding design project of my life.

And that is exactly how I am choosing to look at it. I could honestly care less about the cake and the music, but the design... now that is something I can really get behind.

Take One: Wedding Mood Board... a.k.a A Work in Progress

Kind of feeling a desert-y, dusk-y, jewel tone, boho vibe... But it's only Monday, so we shall see if this sticks. Anyone have any tips for decision-making, or planning in general? Sound off in the comments below!



A Feminine Office for International Women's Day

Happy Lady Day Y'all!

In honor of International Women's Day, I decided to design my ultimate #GirlBoss office. DESIGN PSA: a feminine space does NOT need to include hot pink and glitter (though if that's yo' thang, then get it gurrl).

Personally, my idea of a feminine space is any place that makes you feel strong, confident, empowered, creative and inspired. Design is about YOU and no one else. Trust your instincts, buy things you are in love with, and step outside your comfort zone. 

My Dream Office:

My recipe for a feminine empowered office space is as follows:

1. Pick a finish. Mine is almost always going to be brass. It can go feminine or masculine and provides a depth and richness to any design. Brass is included in the desk selection, mirror, and throw pillow (and the color is alluded to by the leather chair).

2. Anchor your design with a few colors that work well together. In this case, I chose blush and navy. Both colors work flawlessly with brass and pair well with the masculine leather chair.

3. Chose one piece you are obsessed with - make it your focal point. I am super into this "Party Animals" wallpaper by House of Hackney. Sloths smoking hookah are my jam. And I didn't even know this until today.

4. Pick something that ties it all together. In this case, it is the gorgeous chandelier - rustic but feminine at the same time, the colors relate to all the furniture, wallpaper and accessories.

5. Layer and explore textures. From the brass, to the wood mirror, to the leather, to the rug and pillow - lots of textures are explored! This keeps a design from looking too matchy (which is like, my ultimate pet peeve. I am talking to you, 6 piece living room set!). 

Let's take a closer look at the design components!

Happy Women's Day everyone! And cheers to all the wonderful ladies in my life!




Pastel Geometric Nursery

Designing nurseries presents an interesting challenge. How do you create a space that reflects your own personal style (you are, in fact, going to be spending countless hours in there at all times of the day and night) while also addressing the fact that the room will be inhabited by an infant? And if that isn't enough, you also need to think about how the room will age alongside your child... unless you want to be totally re-designing the space every three years. Actually, that doesn't sound too bad after all...


1. Artwork

Artwork for nurseries and kids rooms does NOT need to be cartoonish! I am obsessing over these precious baby animal prints by Sharon Montrose of The Animal Print Shop. OMG, there is full serious of cats. Go check it out. SRSLY.

2. Rug

This rug is the perfect blend of baby-friendly pastel and modern geometric pattern. I could absolutely see this in everything from a living or dining room to a nursery or teen's room! The pattern hides spills well, too!

3. Walnut Crib

I am def a proponent of using walnut anywhere and everywhere and a nursery is no exception! Along with being super gorgeous, this crib is totally gender neutral - so it can be passed onto the next babe. It is also refreshing to see something other than white on a crib. The richness and depth of the wood brings some sophistication to this nursery design.

4. Rocking Chair

The rocking chair is perhaps the most important thing in the room to choose for YOU, not just for baby. This one is modern and aesthetically pleasing, but it is absolutely vital to make sure you are comfortable in any chair you choose. Well designed rooms should look beautiful and function flawlessly for your needs! 

5. Accessories

Have fun with pillows, garlands, mobiles, bedding, window treatments and stuffed animals. A mix of textures, colors and patterns will stimulate your baby's growing mind and will give you something cute to look at during the 2AM shift.

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Next up: designing nurseries for cats. JK.