Pinspired: Printed Maxi Dress

It has been awhile since I last posted a "Pinspired" blog. I've been busy lately - working on design projects, working at my part time job, keeping up with chores and errands... I have always been prone to procrastination, so I am pretty great at coming up with distractions (case in point - my room was never cleaner than in the week leading up to finals). 

This quick exercise reminded me how important it is to foster my sense of creativity. It definitely doesn't completely go away when I am not using it, but it is more top of mind when I do. As a designer, I seek inspiration every day, in everything I do. When I don't feel particularly inspired, or am stuck on a design solution for a tricky project, I find that all I need is a quick walk, some time with a design magazine, or a browse through Pinterest. You never know what is going to spark an idea, and it is important to create space for your mind to seek out these moments.

Pinspired Printed Maxi Dress

This dress popped up on my Pinterest feed today; I love the bold geometric print and the amount of contrast in the design. The brown color on the dress reminds me of the leather markets I visited in Florence when I studied abroad there. I imagine this dress being paired with gold accessories and sleek textures. The tan, navy and white is a perfect color combination - I included all three colors in the design above. 

What do you do to exercise your creativity?



Dream Kitchen: Green and Gold

Kitchen confessional: I currently have laminate floors AND counter tops in my tiny apartment. Not by choice - there just isn't a ton of room to bargain in the San Francisco rental market. So, maybe that's why I have been so obsessed with gorgeous kitchens lately. Or, perhaps it is the choreographed dance my fiance and I have to do every time we try to cook in that kitchen together. Either way, we will definitely appreciate the opportunity to design a (large!) kitchen of our own someday. Perhaps a bit premature, but I decided to get a head start. A girl can dream, right?

White kitchens with brass accents have been super on trend for a few years. I LOVE this look, but am really excited about the pops of color I have been seeing in design magazines and on Pinterest lately!

What does your dream kitchen look like?