Hey there strangers... oh wait, I guess I'm the stranger! Sorry I have been a little quiet here lately. Life has been an absolute roller coaster the past few months and GUESS WHAT?! I have some BIG NEWS!

We moved to LA! 

How natural is this photo you guys??

How natural is this photo you guys??

And even bigger news (is that poss??).. DESIGNWORTHY is officially my full time gig now. That means, you're actually going to get your "daily dose of #designworthy inspo!" It also means you're going to be seeing a lot more of me... for better or worse :P And you'll definitely see more of my own projects (some exciting things are in the works!), lots of behind the scenes treats, and a whole lot of DESIGNWORTHY inspiration! 

Looking forward to reconnecting and SUPES stoked to bring you along on this next chapter!