Latest Obsession: Green Kitchens

Over the past few years, the all-white kitchen has been at the forefront of kitchen design. It is such a timeless look and allows for flexibility as your taste evolves throughout the years. An easy update to the white kitchen is to add a pop of color (with a patterned rug or some pretty plates) or a new finish (with brass, copper, matte black light fixtures).

Although I LOVE the white kitchen... (inspiration below!) I am absolutely ready to embrace the new trend of the GREEN KITCHEN. I posted this concept board a while ago, and I am so glad to see more people giving bold colors a go.

Bye for now, gorgeous white kitchen. I will come back to you someday.

Via my fave,  Amber Interiors

Via my fave, Amber Interiors

See what I mean? This space is gorgeous. The most permanent features (read: toughest to install) in this design are white (tile, counter tops, cabinetry). The leather chairs and rug are what really give this space character and contrast. And great news, as new design trends emerge and your style changes, these items can be easily swapped out to give the space an entirely new feel!

Bold + Green

In my opinion, you can't really go wrong with green + white + brass. The richest of the brass perfectly highlights the depth of the green hue.

Soft + Sage

The above is a lesson in perfect color combination. The sage and white blend harmoniously, while the darker woods and leather balance the space in a modern way. Adding some impact with a colorful rug makes this design 100%, in my book.

What do you think?

Both kitchens use shades of green. The first is a bold, saturated green while the second is a soft sage. I really can't pick between the two - which do you prefer? Would you ever embrace this trend?