Monday Moodboard: Wedding Vibes

I have been engaged for nearly a year (ummm... side note, how did that happen?!), and I am finally getting around to all the fun stuff wedding planning has to offer! We took a really long time to find our venue. Like almost a year, long. I requested venue quotes from 200 places (or maybe 50, but that's a lot of inbox clutter, regardless). We searched all over the state and even thought about saying "forget it, let's go to Mexico next weekend!" But the search was well worth it, because we found THE most perfect place and could not be more excited! 

Our venue is a private estate in Palm Springs - super lush, lots of palm trees, a few pools, a gorgeous old door (more to come on tomorrow's post!) and an old Adobe home that is on the National historic register. The architecture nerd in me is really geekin' over this place, you guys. But mostly it is just SO beautiful. The perfect background for what is going to be the biggest/most stressy/most rewarding design project of my life.

And that is exactly how I am choosing to look at it. I could honestly care less about the cake and the music, but the design... now that is something I can really get behind.

Take One: Wedding Mood Board... a.k.a A Work in Progress

Kind of feeling a desert-y, dusk-y, jewel tone, boho vibe... But it's only Monday, so we shall see if this sticks. Anyone have any tips for decision-making, or planning in general? Sound off in the comments below!