Indoor plants have come a long way since the dusty silk ivy you made have seen in your Great Aunt's home in the 80s. In fact, pants are And we aren't just talking succulents (although admittedly, that's about the only plant my less-than-green thumb can handle). Below are the top FIVE reasons you should adopt a houseplant (or three)!

Houseplant goals!!  This  is my ultimate dream home.

Houseplant goals!! This is my ultimate dream home.

1. Plants are pretty

Plants are like, really pretty. Pretty things make us happy. But seriously, adding some natural elements to your home can totally pump up your mood. 

2. Plants boost productivity

Biologically, our bodies crave connection to nature. Since we spend so much of our time indoors and focused on screens, it is super important to add natural elements to your home. Studies have shown that attention span and concentration levels are improved when an environment has access to plants, natural light and a view of the outdoor world.

3. Plants make you healthier

Plants can actually make your indoor environment healthier by absorbing toxins and releasing fresh oxygen into your environment. Indoor plants can even reduce allergy and cold symptoms as well!

Experiment with different  pots  and hanging  planters !

Experiment with different pots and hanging planters!

4. Plants boost your mood

Studies have shown that caring for plants makes people happier. Watching something flourish and thrive is totally rewarding. Plus, plants have be known to relieve stress and improve creativity.

5. Plants make your house a home

Plants lend a sense of permanence to your interior environment, effectively making your house a home. Indoor plants can support and supplement your home's design, or even drive the interior concept (think: boho jungle)!

Indoor Plants for Every Environment

Indoor Plants for Every Environment

Do you have indoor plants? What benefits do you see?