THIS OR THAT: Gallery Wall

Gallery wall

A gallery wall is a collection of images that tell a story about your interests. The best part? It can evolve over time to reflect changes in your personal style.

I LOVE a good gallery wall.

Heck, I have an okay gallery wall, and I still love it.

There is art covering every wall of my apartment (read: concert posters, prints from Etsy and Google). It adds so much flavor to my home and each piece connects to a specific memory or time in my life. About a month ago, I finally got around to creating a gallery wall for my bedroom. I purchased a bunch of Ikea frames in different finishes and ordered some high quality prints online. While I really like the way it turned out (it brought a much-needed pop of color and interest to a blank wall), it feels a little lackluster. I spent some time browsing gallery walls on Pinterest and realized what mine is missing - a sense of collection.

It is all fine and well to order prints that rely on a super tight color scheme and aesthetic. I am all for balance and harmony in design and think that this type of gallery can be done really well. However, I think the key to making any gallery wall feel really special is a sense of cultivation and collection. I love the idea of curating photos, posters, images and art that have been collected from different places over a long period of time. It tells a much better story than a group of images purchased on the same day. I am going to keep gathering some #designworthy inspiration and I will definitely be posting a before and after of my gallery wall for you all soon!

In the meantime... which do you prefer? The chic + feminine gallery wall on the left or the masculine + rustic wall on the right?

Feminine Masculine Gallery Wall.jpg
Feminine Masculine Gallery Wall.jpg