Creativity is kind of like running. I'm not a runner. But I would imagine people who run must really love it. It must fulfill them in some way (otherwise, why the hell... there are so many other forms of exercise). Anyway, if you take a break from running and try to jump right back in where you left off, you will be in for a rude awakening. Again, I would imagine...

I see creativity as a muscle that needs to be exercised. The more time I spend immersed in design, the better I feel. It lets me appreciate the beauty in the world around me and trains my mind to think of things from a more creative and positive perspective. This is why I have developed a little game for myself. Every Monday, I am going to open Pinterest and pick the first image that pops up on my feed and create a design board for a room inspired by that image. I was pretty lucky with my inspiration image this week, but don't be surprised if next week's post is a bedroom inspired by a Paleo donut recipe.

PINSP - Blue and White

Anyone else have tips for keeping your right-brain fit?


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DW 2