FF - Brass

Starting out the Finish Friday series with my favorite finish, brass!

Brass is having a huge moment in the interior design world right now, and it looks like this trend is here to stay. I am LOVING brass as a finish in bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Paired with a stark white tile or some Carrara marble... um hello:

FF - Brass interior 1

However, if you have been anywhere near Pinterest, you'll know there is a lot of brass + white happening right now. And honestly, it's probably what I would do if I was renovating my tiny ass charming rental kitchen right this second. BUT... if you want to think outside the box and get ahead of this trend, why not try pairing brass with a fun patterned tile? I'm thinking (and hoping) that we will see a lot more of this in 2016:

FF - Brass interior 2

Which trend are you loving? Brass + White or Brass + Wild?