Happy New Year!!

Hello, my friends! It's New Years' Eve! How crazy does that sound?!? 2015 was an incredible year, which makes it a little more bittersweet than usual to say goodbye. I got engaged! I started Design Worthy! And we wrapped my favorite design project EVER, Airbnb's Headquarters in San Francisco! That's a lot of exclamation marks!!

The fact that this year was so rockin makes me feel pretty positive about 2016. I definitely want to spend more time developing Design Worthy, and am also making resolutions to read more, learn how to meditate, focus on my health, and make sure the people around me know exactly how much I love them.

Anyway... I am sitting at home thoroughly enjoying my decision not to hit the bars, so I thought I would design a cozy little NYE-inspired nook. I love my little apartment, but as a designer, I am always thinking of ways to improve it! If anyone finds a cool rocket ship to transport me here, that would be great:


What are your New Years' resolutions?